nvrec aims to be a high quality, generic capture core. At the moment it supports v4l1 and v4l2 devices as video sources, oss and alsa as an audio source. It can output to quicktime (in RTjpeg, YUV2, or RAW format, and most ffmpeg formats), AVI (in DivX format), NuppelVideo format, MPEG-1, and streaming multicast/unsicast.

nvrec includes deep buffering to minimise frame drops, in high load situations, and a smooth framedropping algorithm to keep the video as smooth as possible if you do have to drop frames. It also has a audio "stretcher" to make sure that exactly the right amount of audio is written to the output file (this compensates for lack of clock synch between video and audio cards).

nvrec is written in an extremely modular way, to make it easy to integrate with existing applications, or add your own output formats.

Designed by Julia Beamud
Maintained by Linkend II S.L