AUTOCONF a recent version (tested on 2.53) is required for newer nvrec distributions.
AUTOMAKE a recent version (tested on 1.6.1) is required for newer nvrec distributions.
DIVX4LINUX is required for DivX encoding support in divx4rec.
LIBMP3LAME is required for mp3 recording support in divx4rec.
libquicktime is required for quicktime support.
LIBRTE a real-time mpeg encoding library, available as part of the mp1e package in the zapping project (unlikely that rte support will ever be functional again...).
FFMPEG a real-time encoding library. Compile, then place a symlink called "ffmpeg" to it, in the same directory as the nvrec root directory.
SDL for streaming video player.
MAD mp3 decoder library for streaming player.

To get a complete list of missing requirements, and where to get them, type "./bootstrap; ./configure[.sh]" in the nvrec directory.


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